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Body/Mind Wisdom

Individual couples family therapist and group leader based in Northern NSW, Australia for heart-centred support


I'm Ayla Garlick

and Yourheartmatters! 

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Why are you here?

Perhaps you found my site because you want something to be different in your life.

Maybe you are lacking the confidence to live a life of purpose, authenticity and connection.

It could be that you want to become more in touch with your own needs.

Or maybe you believe that you are not good enough, which keeps you busy wanting to improve yourself. You may be seeking assistance to find inner peace.

Perhaps you want to interrupt and change unhelpful communication and behaviour patterns with

your partner to develop deeper intimacy and connection.


the bridge between you and everything - Rumi

What if I told you that not only change, but transformation is possible?

That you CAN live in the present and you don't have to feel consumed by anxious feelings, panic attacks, negative thinking or limited by unconscious core beliefs. 


I can support you to identify and illuminate the blocks that might be preventing you from living your life to the fullest. I can help you make powerful, lasting change. Change that brings you home to your authentic self. 

"Ayla has supported my teenage daughter and helped her learn valuable skills for life and relationships that will serve her now and  always. The self regulation, emotional acceptance and understanding , awareness and mindfulness skills, help with interpersonal problems and teenage and family challenges that Ayla supports my daughter  with are things I believe every young adult absolutely needs to navigate our complex lives as we grow into adults". 

—  Rachael

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