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Dialectical Behavioural Therapy


Dialectical Beahvioural Therapy was devised by Marsha Linehan for people who have difficulty regulating their emotions to build self awareness and skills. DBT therapy is suitable for anyone who is wanting to build some mastery around emotions, communication or the ability to live in the moment.

I typically deliver DBT skills groups, 1 x 2 hour session weekly.

The program consists of four, four to five week long modules to help people who are seeking to develop tools for balancing emotions, stabilizing relationships, and increasing ability to cope in a crisis. These four modules are:



Learning to be non-judgmentally in the moment.


Emotional Regulation

Managing emotions, to reduce vulnerability to the negative emotions and increasing the positive.


Distress Tolerance

Incorporating mindfulness in to times of crisis.


Interpersonal Effectiveness

Maximizing successful communication, without jeopardizing self-worth.


Dialectical thinking

Please refer to my workshops page to see current groups being facilitated for both adolescents and adults.

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