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Heart Matters

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HeartFelt - Getting and keeping the love you want

Are you looking for a fulfilling relationship?
Repeating old patterns that stop you from finding your ideal partner?
Do your fears cause you to avoid intimacy?

HeartFelt is a two-day experiential workshop which uses a mindful approach to dating and healing of our attachment wounds to support you to attain deeper connection in relationships that thrive and last.

In this workshop you will:

  • Learn about unconscious dynamics that block our capacity for intimacy, and how to achieve better communication, trust and closeness in relationships.

  • Understand the role that the neurochemicals of love play in sexual attraction and recognition of a potential partner.

  • Practice new skills and perspectives, rewiring your brain for long term fulfilling relationships.

  • Learn how to stay with yourself whilst connecting deeply with others.

HeartFelt relationship workshop
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