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Heart Of Parenting- Teens

Adolescents are learning how to manage their rapidly changing mind, body and emotions while navigating their way towards indpendence and maturity. Those with connected relationships with their parents travel better on this journey. Parents who understand how to create the optimal environment for this major life transition support teenagers to release their potential in order to flourish. 

The Heart of Parenting is a 6-week support group for parents of teenagers. It provides parents with skills, experience and knowledge based on mindfulness and the latest findings in neuro-science and attachment theory to support their teenager to develop emotional and social intelligence and a sound moral compass, which will guide them throughout adulthood. In this group you will:

  • Understand the changes that your teenager is undergoing and your role as parents to provide what they need for optimal development.

  • Choose a parenting style to effectively help your teenager to grow into a healthy, productive, responsible, creative and independent adult.

  • Develop communication skills to manage tension points and effectively provide a role model for social competence and healthy relationships.

  • Learn how to protect your teenager against the risks of adolescence such as depression, anxiety, alcohol and drug abuse, poor impulse control, eating disorders and develop resilience to life’s challenges.

  • Learn practical strategies to manage problem behaviours and set limits and boundaries assertively.

  • Know how to handle the difficult conversations to keep them safe.

  • Cultivate a mindful approach to your parenting which will help you develop

  • more self-awareness and give you more choices in how you respond.

  • Develop strategies to take care of your own wellbeing. 

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