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Being Free integrates neuroscience, the wisdom traditions and clinical practice. It is an experiential group which flows between mindfulness meditations, exercises, teaching and discussion.


Ayla is skilled at facilitating this support group, which provides a container that holds us to our intentions to live by our values and cultivate wellbeing.


During this course, you will learn that there are many ways to be mindful and discover what is most useful for you.

You will learn how to tap into your inner resources for growth and for healing. You will experience that our minds have a wise way of processing our wounds and learn to trust this organic, wholistic process.

In this course you will learn how to nurture calmness and self-acceptance in yourself,  how to watch your thoughts and not identify with them, and how to be with your emotions without being driven by them. You also gain access to downloadable resources such as videos and handouts.


Mindfulness sustains us to inhabit the full dimension of our being. You will discover that transformation comes through allowing ourselves to be as we already are.


Being Free is the freedom to just be!


"I became aware of my patterns."

"I realised I can take a kinder, gentler attitude toward myself."

"I learned to stay steady, but also to stand back a little."

"I learned to recognise warning signals of triggers and take helpful action."

"I recognise that I have choices other than slipping back into old habits."

" I became more present in my life.”

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Ayla Garlick

4 Kolora Way, Ocean Shores, NSW Australia

Info at +610448559968

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