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Ayla Garlick

Ayla is re-known for her professional experience in mental health care and wellbeing and holds counseling and psychology degrees. She is skilled at building a safe, supportive environment to inspire your fullest potential to live wholeheartedly.

My Values and Orientations

​With gratitude, I have been living in the Northern Rivers region for over 40 years. I first came to Byron Bay on the wave of alternative lifestylers that flocked to this region for its beautiful beaches and green hinterland to build a community of people who care about the environment and each other. Living in paradise has created a healing environment for both my personal growth and spiritual development. Dealing with my emotional "unfinished business" and developing more self awareness supports me to relate to my life in a much richer way. I believe that becoming more whole is an ongoing, unfolding journey that is vital not only to my own inner peace, but to the survival of our dear Earth and the evolution of all humanity. 


With this as my passion, I have lead groups, workshops, festivals and community gatherings. I have completed 

studies in Community Services, Counselling, Psychology and various Psychotherapies. I have been employed with both government and non-government organisations for the past twenty years working with people with various mental health presentations, alcohol and drug issues, adolescents and families with relationship challenges.  

Heartmatters is my private practice were I enjoy facilitating couples therapy, workshops and supporting mind, body, heart and soul  transformation of my clients.

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